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I had a set of them in a rick 650 i once owned, and they sounded even ballsier and more lively than the gibson pickups in my sg standard. As i said above, i have read that the stock minihum pickups in the older gretsch pro jets are exactly the same size. For sale here is a pair of rickenbacker hi gain pickups, pulled from a 1980 360. In 2005 i ordered a ric 36012 from a dealer and they ordered a set of toaster pickups that they installed for me when the guitar arrived. I guess the problem is, if you say a harm 1 has hi gain pickups, everyone thinks emgs.

Rickenbacker toaster pickups as compared to jbe r300. California governor gavin newsom has issued a statewide shelterathome order requiring all nonessential business to suspend operations. I have a rickenbacker 330 with hi gain pickups and i love. April 07, 2020 grover 205c6 mini rotomatic 6inline tuning machines. They are direct dropin replacements for the hi gains or toasters and they sound fantastic. Under something far less than scientific conditions for comparisons, i didnt hear a lot of differences from the toaster pickups.

Have a read through what others are saying about my replacement strat stratocaster pickups and get in touch if youd like me to custom make some pickups for you. I believe that i am mistaken and that the pickups in his guitar were hi gain pickups, rather than humbuckers. Usps first class mail international can vary as much as 68 weeks for delivery. It came with very useful straplocks and a very heavy rickenbacker case. Great musicians use bartolini pickups and electronics. I used to have to keep the neck pickup just about flush with the body, and the bridge pickup close to the strings, to get output to balance out.

This guitar features hi gain pickups and grover tuners original factory installed grovers. This page is comprised of a number of john halls responses to questions regarding rickenbacker pickups. I personally feel that the strings you use contribute greatly to the sound, especially on 12string models. If you want a little less attack, lower the polepieces. Hi all i made this for my reference, but i thought some of you would might interested in the difference between original stock rickenbacker toaster pickups and. This is a simple video physically showing how rickenbacker high gain bass pickups look, close up and from the underside too, as well as a few facts and interesting points to note about them, i don. Mine came stock with the high gain pickups which i find are okay, but maybe not quite as vintage jangly as i would like.

Rickresource rickenbacker forum view topic high gain. Hi, i have a strato 40th anniversary and i like it much the clean sound but i feel that the bridge pick up has no much output gain, for the style i play punkrockska i need more. Genuine rickenbacker 4003 bass hi gain bridge pickup part. High gains are generally around 11k, although the neck pickup was higherwound in the 80s 14k or more and earlier 70s models were lower. Les paul with rickenbacker hi gain pickup mod youtube. I fired up a copy of 8 miles high from the byrds, to see what id do, and i think the tele with a touch of chorus would come close. In my 6 string i have a toaster in the neck, and a high gain in the bridge. Rickenbacker high gain pickup 2005 greyhorns reverb. The horseshoe bridge pickup was phased out on the basses about 1971 and replaced with the hi gain unit. Rickenbacker guitar pickups for sale in stock ebay.

Id thought about getting one but then rickenbacker went and quadrupled the price for a guitar thats the functional equivalent of a carvin tl60 with the scsized railbuckers and walnut body wings. Rickenbacker owners club page 2 telecaster guitar forum. When the 4001 was changed to the 4003 the pickups seems to have gotten hotter. Single coil pickups hi gain fender stratocaster guitar forum. Rickenbacker higain pickups, 1980, set hall of justice. Apr 20, 2018 this is a simple video physically showing how rickenbacker high gain bass pickups look, close up and from the underside too, as well as a few facts and interesting points to note about them, i don. I dont have pickups all boxed up ready to send out, each order is custom made which means i can modify the specifications to suit you, your playing and your guitar. Genuine rickenbacker 4003 bass hi gain bridge pickup with mounting plate. Rickenbacker hi gain pickup 2000s 330 360 325 340 reverb. I may take out the hi gain and have it rewound since its too powerful. In any event, my luthiertech can make whatever adjustments need to be made as long as the guitar can accept surface mount pickups, which is what those hi gains are. And yes, because of the fame of adolphs distant cousin, eddie rickenbacker, the company became rickenbacher electro, with the k in adolphs name being adopted later.

They are incredibly responsive to height adjustments and string changes. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Rickresource rickenbacker forum view topic hi gain changes. Pickup assy 4003 neck chr high gain neck pickup for bass. When they switched to the hi gain pickups they used the same bobbin, but drill it out for the four rivets and stuck a rubber magnet on the bottom. Pickups for rickenbacker bass including our 4000 series srb1 neck and bridge set. George beauchamp, a steelguitar player from texas, was searching for a way to make his guitar heard over the other instruments in the band. Rickenbacker vintagetoaster pickups seymour duncan. I know there are other factors that come into play like the type wood, shape, etc. I love rickenbacker sound but cant really go out and buy one of those right now. April 07, 2020 rickenbacker hi gain pickup 2000s chrome. It is important to appreciate that some of his responses are based on circumstances at the time of the question. Because its the rickenbacker factory part it fits nicely with no problems and is excellent quality. Rickenbacker manufactures three pickups for their current standard models.

Rickenbacker toaster and higain pickups in a squire. Even so, the high gain pickups are still fairly low output units. Curious about putting rickenbacker vintage hi gain pickups in my sg. Find great deals on ebay for rickenbacker pickups and rickenbacker bass pickups. I guess these same folks never liked the jam, the smithereens, or r. My two 73 rics have a toaster at the neck and a hi gain at the bridge. Rickenbacker high gain bass pickups showcase youtube. One of the most versatile guitars youll ever play, thanks to the pickups. The thing is, ric has used the name high gain on them for a while, and the older ones were not wound as hot as the newer ones. That explains why johnny marrs has high gains in them since during the time he played one with the smiths only high gain pickups came in current production rics and to have a toaster model they were rare and expensive since you had to buy a vintage model. Demo of my rickenbacker 330 with hi gains and lollar broiler pickups played through a simple fender blues junior tweed amp. They can be very hi fi, but respond very well to knob adjustments. I used to use daddario strings on my 33012, but when i switched to rickenbacker 12s, the guitar sounded much more vintage to me. What to do with rickenbacker hi gain pickups the gear page.

Anyone had the same problem as me with high gain pickups in ric 330s or similar. The arrival of a sad and dead rickenbacker hi gain for rewinding yesterday prompted me to think again about the reasons why. If youre looking for some hotter pickups, i highly suggest getting a set of rickenbacker hb1 humbuckers. I too find the toasters a bit too thin sounding for my 6string needs, but the hi gains a bit dark for classic rickenbacker 12string chime. Toasters are my fav pickups, hands down for 6 or 12. Maybe rickenbacker noticed the increasing use of distortion by guitarists in the late 60s and early 70s and decided to create a pickup with a bit more punch. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Played through a roland cube 60 in the jc clean channel then in the classic stack lead channel, then in a vox ac4 tv mini with the 1 watt. Mar 14, 2017 demo of my rickenbacker 330 with hi gains and lollar broiler pickups played through a simple fender blues junior tweed amp. Their audiences expect them to sound and play great whether in the studio, on the stage, or even in the woodshed.

This is a simple video physically showing how rickenbacker high gain bass pickups look, close up and from the underside too, as well as a few facts and interesting points to note about them, i. They have used the same molded plastic bobbin since then. I have a rick 360 with the high gain pickups in it. Rickenbackers history is the history of the electric guitar. My old bass is much warmer through modern transistor amps. Genuine rickenbacker high gain pickups with stock wiring duration. Might get some toasters for it or have these pickups unwound a little, havent decided yet. Formerly, the model came equipped with rickenbacker s toaster pickups. Other models phased in these pickups in 1969 and 1970.

List of the products from manufacturer rickenbacker. Ive been playing guitars and rickenbackers all my life 50 years and i. The 08 has got adjustable polepieces, while those on the 06 are fixed. The toasters had six long or short alnico rod magnets. Rickenbacker 4003 series high gain neck pickup reverb. Hi gains can be just as clean and just as smooth as any other pickup if adjusted correctly. Genuine rickenbacker parts rickenbacker pickups pick of. The toasters can be a little light on the bass though. I did a search for it but only turned up something on remagnetizing speakers. I wish somebody like dimarzio or gfs would put out a rickenbacker replacement that is faithful to the original. I have been an unhappy 330 owner since i bought it 6mths ago.

Bartolini pickups and electronics bartolini pickups. The modern 4003 high gains are wound to about 11k ohms and are hotter than the 4001 high gain pickups. Modern 330s are equipped with rickenbacker s hi gain singlecoil pickups. I guess these were designed with bright, scoopedsounding amps in mind. Rickresource rickenbacker forum view topic higain changes. This is a rickenbacker 360 electric 6string, semihollow guitar in midnight blue, the standard twopickup version. It continues to baffle me when rickenbacker s standard pickup, the hi gain, is referred to as the new one or the inherent snobbery when it comes to these i read on a forum you should immediately swap those out for toasters blah blah blah.

A rickenbacker 12string is a different beast, because of the octave and unison strings. Custom replacement ric, rickenbacker, toaster style pickups. Brand new genuine rickenbacker hi gain bridge pickup with base plate. We ship worldwideinternational buyers are responsible for any customstaxes owed when the item arrives. Jun 20, 2012 help in choosing a highgain pickup posted on june 20, 2012 by kat king whatever kind of highgain tone youre looking for, we have a pickup that will help you to achieve it, whether it be our sh8 invader which is considered to be one of the most aggressive passive pickups ever or our sh6 distortion which will give you powerful. However, rickenbacker certainly made humbucking pickups. Genuine rickenbacker parts rickenbacker pickups pick. I cant believe rickenbacker are using these things as standard in their otherwise incredible guitars. Can anybody suggest me some hi gain single coil pickups or do you think is better the single coil humbucker sized pickups. I cant get a good sound out of it no matter what settings i use or amps i use ac30s at any volume. So, truthfully, the harm guitars with toaster pickups are probably more like hi gain guitars. A rickenbacker 6string electric should sound a lot like your tele. Apr 26, 2008 what some players are doing is getting the newer pickups rewound to 7k, vintage guitar advertises rewind services.

Rickenbacker hi gain vs lollar broiler pickups demo youtube. Rickresource is the ultimate source for all things rickenbacker, rich content articles as well as the largest rickenbacker forum out there and the only rickenbacker. The 4004 hb1 pickups are 15k ohm series humbuckers, that can also be wired for single coil or parallel. Rickenbacker hi gain vs lollar broiler pickups demo duration. Toaster in the bridge position, hi gain in the neck.

This hype about toaster pickups better than high gain pickups has no audible foundation. Hi gain pickups were first introduced on the 381 model in 1968, when the 381 was reintroduced though some early 1968 model 381 guitars did have toaster pickups. The toaster and hi gain use the same bobbin and bezel size. All three pickup designs share the same footprint, so they can retrofit into most current or vintage models. Imo, the hi gain pickups are more versatile and still do vintage. Even more than when i replaced the hi gains with toaster top pickups. High gain vs vintage toaster top pickups rickenbacker. Anyway, the subtle differences in the pickup surround, while purely cosmetic, are all a part of the rickenbacker. Its the magnet thats responsible for the majority of the tone difference since the 12k toasters are actually hotter than most high gains in terms of windings, but still sound like a louder and warmer toaster, not like a high gain. This is one of the pickups that got swapped for a toaster.

Lets discuss the difference in tone of the rickenbacker. I was surprised at first by how warm especially in the low mids the hi gain pickups sounded compared to my fendery stuff. It has been upgraded to vintagestyle toaster top rickenbacker pickups. These pickups are in good and correct working condition and in fine used cosmetic condition like all magnetic pickups, theyve attracted some dust, but they dont show any signs of rust or damage. This guitar looks beautiful but sounds like a turd. See more ideas about dyi, kit and rickenbacker bass. Eventually, i had the same dealer install one of the high gai. Please go to rickenbacker to find the distributor for your country. In fact i ponder at some point to squeeze a seymor duncan rickenbacker neck pickup in my ibanez mikro in the far neck position after. Ive read as many threads as i can on swapping the pickups, sounds like toasters are my best bet. The hi gains have noticeably higher output than the toasters, though this has resulted in the character of the sound in current models being slightly different from that of the older, pre1970s models.

Rickenbacker high gain vs toasters pickups the gear page. John hall answers questions about rickenbacker pickups. Yeah, rics are kind of funky, and amp settings are everything with regards to the hi gain pickups. We are not permitted to sell rickenbacker parts outside of north and south america. Whoever designed them deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as leo or seth lover. They are not thin or shrill if properly setup, and they have much better bass response than the hi gains which tend to be more mid focused. Back in the early 80s i put a hi gain pickup in the midneck position of a 1972 jazz bass along with a schaller 3d bridge. I actually replaced mine with different pickups back in the day. At about 74 the neck toaster on the bass was replaced with the hi gain.

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